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is a testament to the possibilities of sustainable innovation, outperforming current bioplastics. Completely derived from bio-based polymers, it can break down in compost, sea water or soil, making it unbeatably versatile.

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Crafting Tomorrow's Plasticscape


Worldwide, only 9% of plastic waste is being recycled. AvaTime envisions a future where plastics coexist harmoniously with nature. NonOilen® is not just a bioplastic; it’s a revolution challenging the status quo, ushering in an era where plastics can stop harming the environment.

Nurturing Tomorrow's Landscape


17% of global plastic waste is being released into the environment and becomes fugitive. NonOilen® is equally about creation as it is about responsible decomposition. It leaves no environmental burden, transforming into biomass that nurtures the landscape. 

Shaping Sustainable Tomorrow


Choosing NonOilen® is a ticket to a sustainable cycle not only through decomposition. NonOilen®’s End Of Life can easily by prolonged through repeated recycling which the material is perfectly capable of. Combining recycling and decomposition creates a truly repeatable cycle. 


Home compost - marine degradable
NonOilen® 100
Common Bioplastics 50
NonOilen® 100
Common Bioplastics 75
NonOilen® 100
Common Bioplastics 75
NonOilen® 100
Common Bioplastics 75
NonOilen® 100
Common Bioplastics 50
Petroleum Plastics 100
NonOilen® 100
Common Bioplastics 75
Petroleum Plastics 100
NonOilen® 100
Common Bioplastics 50
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Biodegradable, Compostable:

Different classes of NonOilen® can fulfill your different biodegradability needs. Our industrial compostable class decomposes guaranteed without microplastics in industrial compost with temperature above 55°C and humidity above 40%. Our home compostable class performs already at temperature above 25 °C and humidity above 30 %. 


NonOilen® products can be recycled to create new NonOilen products. We continuously explore new recycling possibilities for NonOilen® and promote awareness regarding the separation and collection of used bioplastics.

Similar to Synthetic Plastic:

Plastic: Adaptable properties, suitable for various applications, and compatible with common plastic production technologies.

Different granulate classes ranging from industrial compost to home compost or soil decomposition.

Class I (Industrial)

Composed of polylactic acid and polyhydroxybutyrate polymers, Class I is suitable for industrial composting. It offers a range of properties, from hard, solid, brittle to flexible, but also highly ductile, and is applicable in various industries. The properties are finetuned by organic plasticizers, most often derived from citric acid and other additives. We can also deliver grades with high shape stability up to 120 °C, for dishes suitable for washing in industrial dishwashers. Products made from NonOilen can be color printed. We have also select range of pigments that won’t harm NonOilen’s biodegradation

Class H (Home)

Based on Class I, Class H incorporates specially modified thermoplastic starch. Designed for home composting, it also domposes significantly faster in industrial compost while maintaining similar properties to Class I.

Class A (Agriculture)

Under development, Class A combines elements of Classes I and H, introducing a biological waste component that will serve as a fertilizer once a Class A film is ploughed into soil. It aims to serve the agricultural sector and industrial packaging.

Compatible technologies

  • injection moulding
  • film blowing
  • thermoforming
  • 3D printing
  • blowing of hollow products
  • technical fabrics (especially for agriculture applications)
  • extrusion
  • melt spinning
  • melt pressing
  • non-woven fabric
  • laminating
  • production of boards


The manufacturer or customer chooses the necessary properties and we can taylor our blends to you. We don’t impose limitations. We open possibilities.


Suitable for applications and products that directly come into contact with humans, animals or plants.

Waste Materials Utilized

We continuously explore usage of waste materials for NonOilen® production to enhance its footprint and economy.

No Oil

Free from synthetic polymers based on fossil raw materials, NonOilen® is an environmentally friendly choice.

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AvaTime can serve you in two different ways:

Supply of Granulates

AvaTime can offer you ready made granulates of multiple NonOilen® Grades taylored for various processing techniques. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and Technical Data Sheets of our NonOilen® grades.

Supply of finished products

In cooperation with our long term partners AvaTime can supply you also with finished products. We are also open for discussions about developing and producing new products based on your requirements.


How fast will NonOilen® decompose

This depends on the class of NonOilen® as well as type of the product. Products with thin walls and large surface to volume ratio will decompose the fastest. Blown 50 micrometer film from Class I (Industrial) NonOilen® decomposes in conditions of municipal compost faster than pulp.  Class H (Home) NonOilen® will decompose in electrical kitchen waste composter in 6-12 days.

If NonOilen® is 100% biobased, what is it made from

Based on particular class of NonOilen®, the three basic ingredients are polylactic acid (PLA) , polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) and thermoplastic starch (TPS). PLA is a polyester made by fermenting starch from various plants, such as corn, cassava, maize, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp. PHB is also a polyester and it is produced in bacteria and archea originally as a response to nutrient limited conditions. PHB serves as energy and carbon storage in these microorganisms, however its monomer hydroxybutyrate is commonly present in human blood. TPS is made from plant starches that are modified by plasticizers such as glycerol and sorbitol. All the other additives are also biobased, such as plasticizing derivatives of citric acid.

How is NonOilen® Produced

NonOilen® is not just a simple blend of its ingredients. All of the constituents undergo so called reactive extrusion where they interact with each other. Therefore, NonOilen® surpasses properties of each of its individual ingredients. For example, PLA itself would not biodegrade in home compost, it is inflexible, has weak water and oxygen barrier and is not stable up to 100°C. PHB, although being well biodegradable, is on the other side very brittle when used alone. TPS alone exhibits poor mechanical properties, such as deformations and low tensile strength. In addition TPS is also hygroscopic. To get the best out of these ingredients and tackle their drawbacks, NonOilen® was invented.

What is the lifespan of products from NonOilen®

NonOilen® decomposes only under certain conditions. It needs a combination of certain humidity, temperature and bacteria which occurs mostly in compost, soil or sea water. You don’t have to worry that a NonOilen® product will decompose on your shelf, in the warehouse or on display in the shop. We have made many test products and put them away on our shelves. After many years, they are unchanged.

What temperatures can NonOilen® withstand

We know, that for certain applications, high heat deflection temperature is necessary. Therefore, grades which are in contact with hot food & drinks, industrial dishwashers or other sources of heat are prepared for that and can withstand up to 120°C. 

How to dispose of NonOilen®

Depending on the application, NonOilen® can be disposed of in two ways. In post consumer application, the preferred option is to compost NonOilen®, either in Home Compost or Industrial Compost, based on indication on the packaging. For closed loop systems, where products from NonOilen® can be washed or are kept free of contaminants, NonOilen® can be recycled. Please contact us for further details on how to ensure recycling

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